Need A Little Seed Money?

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One way to help communities become healthier is through a little “seed” money, as small investments can lead to big changes. Think of smoke-free signs, better lighting for a park trail so people feel comfortable walking at night, or even a crosswalk that allows people to safely cross a major thoroughfare. That’s why LHCC is offering mini-grants to communities. To apply, please fill out the mini-grant form and then submit your project proposal to

For a brief training on the types of intervention we aim to fund, please Register and Enroll in the course "Action for Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change: A Training.”

Basic FAQ’s

How many applications will be funded?
It depends…but we anticipate funding about 5 applications in the Spring of 2020.

When are proposals due?
Final proposals are due April 10, 2020.

When will awards be announced?
Awards will be announced by April 15, 2020; some may be contacted before then.

What are past examples of funded projects?
Example 1 - Central Louisiana Farmer's Market. Example 2 - Lake Charles Complete Streets.

Who is eligible to apply for an LHCC Mini-Grant?
Individuals are ineligible for funding by themselves, but can be partners with the fiscal agent to use the funds. Government entities, universities, schools, or 501c3 not for profits can apply but only with the partnership of a local coalition. A local coalition that is not a legal entity will need to partner with a local organization such as those listed above. 

What is a PSE change?
Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) changes are the "upstream" factors that can improve our health. Aside from searching for the terms on Google, you can visit to take trainings and learn more.

Can this funding be used for continuation or expansion of existing projects (even from prior years)?
Yes. However, applications that are copy and pasted from the previous year's application will be disqualified.

Will applications submitted previously that were not funded be accepted?
No, new applications are required. New questions about how applicants will address COVID-19 are now required as part of the application.

More specific details regarding the application are included in the application instructions and form itself.


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