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Getting To A Healthy State: LHCC Mini-Grants Making Things Happen

Getting To A Healthy State: LHCC Mini-Grants Making Things Happen

Laura Ricks
Aug 20, 2019

Money talks. And guess what? The effects of our LHCC mini-grants are starting to be seen, heard and felt!

You've seen how LHCC resources have helped in Southwest Louisiana. (And if you haven't, read more on our website, some of our previous blogs and our social media posts about the Complete Streets effort in Lake Charles.) Now watch over the coming weeks to learn more about what our mini-grants are doing!

To fight tobacco and obesity, we've awarded almost $40,000 in grants in the first half of 2019 to Louisiana people and places who've decided for themselves how they can best fight these, our biggest killers. Our only requirement is that the effort be a policy, systems or environmental change (PSE), to help guarantee that it will be an effective and lasting change. (To understand more about PSE, read our blog here.) And if the effort addresses health equity (basically helping a group that historically hasn't gotten what others have, such as rural, lower income or minority residents), we're even more in.

So keep reading. There are efforts happening from all the way at the top of the state in Monroe down to the Bayou Parishes in St. Mary, and we'll be highlighting them all. Find out what's happening near you, along with the places, groups and people improving health, life and even the economy, all over the state - over the next several weeks.

Remember too that LHCC awards money as long as we have money to give.

Yes, you read that right. So to find out more, such as why and how tobacco and obesity are our biggest killers, how to get more involved in your community and/or how to apply for a mini-grant, explore this site!

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