The Legislative Process

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"The people are the government, administering it by their agents; they are the government, the sovereign power."
—President Andrew Jackson

Inside the Louisiana State Capitol BuildingInside the Louisiana State Capitol Building

Quick Facts:

The Louisiana Constitution establishes the legislature, which is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The legislature is responsible for determining general policy for the state and for the residents of the state through the enactment of laws.

There are 39 senators and 105 members of the House of Representatives.

Members of both houses of the legislature serve a four-year term, with a term limit of three terms (twelve years).

The legislature is required to convene in the state capitol in Baton Rouge for regular annual sessions. The sessions start in March or April and finish in June or July.

In even numbered years (i.e. 2014) lawmakers can file an unlimited number of bills, but there can be no bills that relate to taxes. In odd numbered years (i.e. 2013) lawmakers are limited to 5 non-fiscal related bills each, all other bills must be fiscal in nature.

There are many terms used in lawmaking that are unfamiliar to the general public. Click here to see a glossary of legislative terms.

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