The Louisiana Healthy Communities Coalition (LHCC) strives to improve health across Louisiana by mobilizing and empowering communities to implement health policy, systems and environmental changes through the convening of regional, multi-sector partnerships. LHCCs began in 2004 and were formerly known as the Regional Comprehensive Cancer Coalition (RCCC). RCCC focused on cancer education, screenings and tobacco prevention education in communities. These coalitions later developed an ad hoc committee known as the Tobacco Subcommittee (TSC). TSC was a stand-alone coalition that expanded the RCCC's tobacco prevention education efforts to include local, regional, and statewide tobacco control policy, systems and environmental changes. In September 2013, each RCCC and TSC transitioned into a singular coalition, in each of the State's nine health districts.

LHCC’s efforts are guided by a state-wide leadership council and advisory board. The state-wide leadership council is composed of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals’ Health Promotion Team, Louisiana Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, Louisiana Public Health Institute, and American Cancer Society.  The advisory board provides guidance to the leadership council and regional coalitions on policy direction, serve as a link to community members, assist with strategic planning, provide programmatic input and increase community participation to improve health outcomes. Through this statewide council and advisory board, a strategy is under development to advance the creation of comprehensive, multi-sector coalitions in each of the state’s nine public health regions.

Regional LHCC strategies are guided by best-practices and evidence-based environmental, policy, programmatic and infrastructure changes to improve Louisiana’s Health Rankings. Regional coalitions strive to develop comprehensive policy, system and environmental change plans designed to improve community health outcomes.


Healthy Communities, Healthy Louisiana


To improve the health and quality of life of Louisianans by mobilizing communities through implementing policy, systems and environmental changes in order to build healthy communities.