Louisiana Is Almost Last When It Comes To Health.

We’re Changing That.

Death, in the modern age, is mostly caused by two factors: Tobacco and Obesity.

If you look at why people die now, you’ll see it’s from illnesses that develop over many years, or what is known as “chronic disease.” And, shockingly, we are doing this to ourselves, as most chronic disease results from our own bad habits, pushed and prodded by people and industries who make money off of those habits.

Louisiana Healthy Communities Coalition
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The Louisiana Healthy Communities Coalition (LHCC) is working across all nine regions to lift the state's almost dead last (49th) ranking. Together, we save lives, help people live disease-free, reduce insurance and taxpayer costs, and create a more productive workforce.

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Together, we decide for ourselves how to best improve health, region by region. With a focus on tobacco and obesity and some state help with data, organizational planning and proven methods, we are creating change. Join us!

Lake Charles' Complete Streets

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Geaux Smoke-Free!

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Our Stories

These stories can help you to help Louisianans understand the issues, and ignite action and improve health outcomes. Learn more about the problem, current policies, and how to go about working on new policies and programs that will make your community healthier.

Lake Charles' Complete Street...

How Lake Charles Got Complete Streets


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