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All About Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change

All About Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change

Jul 01, 2024

Here at LHCC, our mission is to build healthier, thriving communities by mobilizing them to develop policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) changes. So what are PSE changes? And how can people implement these kinds of changes to promote healthier behaviors in their communities?

PSE changes “seek to go beyond programming and into the systems that create structures in which we work, live, and play.” PSE change approaches are designed to make change sustainable and long-term by not targeting the individuals themselves, but instead changing processes and environments to make healthier choices more accessible or affordable.

Policy and systems changes often work together to change processes or rules of an organization, institution, or system. Examples include establishing farm-to-school programs or smoke-free/vaping policies in schools or other public spaces.

Environmental changes mean physically altering the environment. Examples of environmental changes for healthier living include adding sidewalks, paths, and other physical activity-friendly recreation spaces to a community. It can also include installing signage on walking and bike trails that already exist.

When striving to change our communities for the better, we must keep in mind that changes are most effective when they are designed to be long-term and beneficial to most, if not all, community members. Learn more about PSE changes by checking out the resources below.

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