Acadiana (Region #4)


Improve Acadiana’s health ranking


Decrease obesity rates by 2% by 2018

Strategy 1.1:
Increase access the healthy food choices

Strategy 1.2:
Increase physical fitness activities

Strategy 1.3:
Create a health promoting environment 

GOAL 2: 

To decrease the public’s exposure to SHS and increase cessation services in the Acadiana Area


Increase the number of tobacco-free/smoke-free policies  and ordinances in the Acadiana Area

Strategy 1.1:
Strengthen the Louisiana Smoke-Free Air Act (815) to include bars and gaming facilities

Strategy 1.2:
Establish 100% tobacco-free college and universities

Strategy 1.3:
Establish tobacco-free/smoke-free businesses 


Increase awareness of free or low cost cessation services available in our state and online.

Strategy 2.1:
Increase knowledge about Louisiana cessation services in the community and workplace


Increase the community’s awareness and knowledge on improving health


Develop and support diverse partnerships to facilitate healthy living among disparate populations

Strategy 1.1:
Leverage earned and paid media to promote healthy lifestyles 

Strategy 1.2:
Educate the community about factors and determinants that influence health


Build communities’ capacity for identifying and utilizing new and current health resources to better inform the public of their existence

Strategy 2.1:
Identify community screening and early detection resources and ensure appropriate organizations are knowledgeable of these

Strategy 2.2:
Promote utilization of identified resources (i.e. screenings, quitline)

Strategy 2.3:
Educate communities about prevention, early detection, and treatment coverage through the Affordable Care Act as they are implemented


To improve heart health in the Acadiana Area


Increase health food options and access to free or low cost exercise activities in the community to improve heart health.

Strategy 1.1:
Increase access to healthy foods 

Strategy 1.2:
Create a health promoting environment (i.e. community gardens, sale of locally grown food)

Strategy 1.3:
Create opportunities for increase weekly physical fitness

Strategy 1.4:
Encourage healthy worksites

GOAL 5: 

Reduce cancer rates in Acadiana based on Louisiana Comprehensive Cancer Control Programs cancer priorities


Increase breast cancer screenings by December 2015      

Strategy 1.1:
Promote Louisiana Breast and Cervical Health Program (LBCHP) screenings

Strategy 1.2:
Promote non-LBCHP screenings

Strategy 1.3:
Promote LBCHP screenings for cervical cancer

Strategy 1.4:
Promote non-LBCHP screenings for cervical cancer


Promote colon cancer prevention by December 2015  

Strategy 2.1:
Promote colon cancer screenings

Strategy 2.2:
Promote colon cancer prevention through food choice


Reduce lung cancer incidence rates from tobacco smoke exposure by December 2015

Strategy 3.1:
Promote lung cancer prevention by adopting one new municipal ordinance

Strategy 3.2:
Promote lung cancer prevention through increase in LA Tobacco taxes

Strategy 3.3:
Promote lung cancer prevention through education

Objective 4: 

Improve access to screening, diagnosis and treatment of other cancers by December 2015

Strategy 4.1:
Promote skin cancer prevention

Strategy 4.2:
Promote prostate cancer awareness

Some of our partners:

  • LSU AgCenter
  • SMILE Community Action
  • Mercy Hospital
  • United Way of Acadiana
  • American Cancer Society
  • Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation
  • BestLife Iberia
  • DesOrmeaux Foundation, Inc


Jeanne Solis | Chair

Jeanne Solis, whose career encompasses non-profit agency leadership, health education service programs, photojournalism and event management, and who currently works as the director of health education services for the Central Louisiana Area Health Education Center, is an award-winning public health practitioner and a Louisiana Healthy Communities Coalition Chair. In 2013, she received the “Spirit of Hope” award from the American Cancer Society’s Lafayette, Louisiana division and, in 2014, she was awarded “Best Paper” from the Midwest Business Administration Association in the Health Administration Division/Women’s Health category. 

Jeanne maintains instructor certifications for “Be Proud, Be Responsible” and “Youth Mental Health First Aid” curriculum and also serves as a board member for Louisiana Emergency Medical Units. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Middle Tennessee State University and attended University of Louisiana at Lafayette for graduate coursework in communications and business management certification. Her interests include cultural arts, playing the ten-button accordion, outdoor recreation, travel adventures and activities with her grandson, Carter.

René Stansbury | Co-Chair

René Stansbury currently serves as regional manager for The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living. Prior to her position as the Regional Manager, Stansbury served as the Tobacco Control Coordinator at Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center. She has assisted school districts and health care facilities with implementation of 100% tobacco-free policies, educated school districts on the importance of implementing the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Best Practices for Tobacco Prevention and Control, and recruited health care professionals to implement tobacco cessation programs. Stansbury has monitored the Tobacco-Free Healthcare Partnership Project activities for grantee hospitals throughout the state. She also provides assistance to local municipalities with the adoption and implementation of tobacco-free city ordinances.

Stansbury is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in education with an emphasis in health and wellness promotion. She is certified by the American Association of Life Style Counselors for Stress Management Counseling and an American Lung Association’s- Freedom From Smoking Instructor.

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