Florida Parishes (Region #9)

GOAL 1: 

Improve Louisiana’s Health Ranking


Decrease adult obesity prevalence from 33.4% in 2011 to 30.4% by 2018

Strategy 1.1:
Create a health-promoting environment (e.g. Community gardens, sale of locally gown food)

GOAL 2: 

Decrease adult smoking prevalence from 25.7% in 2011 to 20.2% by 2018


Strengthen the Louisiana Smoke-Free Air Act (ACT 815) to include bars and gaming facilities

Strategy 1.1:
Prevention, cessation, education, policy


Decrease youth tobacco prevalence from 28.4% in 2011 to 23.4% by 2018

Strategy 2.1:
Increase education and awareness of tobacco

GOAL 3: 

Increase the community’s awareness and knowledge on improving health


Develop and support diverse partnerships to facilitate healthy living among disparate populations

Strategy 1.1:
Educate the community about factors and determinants that influence health

Some of our partners:

  • ADAPT 
  • Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans
  • Defy
  • Florida Parish Human Services Authority
  • Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
  •  Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
  • Southeastern Louisiana University
  • St. Helena Parish Crime Stoppers
  • St Helena Parish Police Jury
  • Tangipahoa Crime Stoppers
  •  Tangipahoa Parish Government
  • Tangipahoa Reshaping Attitudes for Community Change
  • The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living
  • The Office of Public Health
  •  United Way- Tangipahoa


Charity Gay | Chair

Charity Gay has been involved in the fight against cancer for nine years. She currently holds a duel role as the Regional Implementation Coordinator (RIC) under the auspices of the Louisiana Comprehensive Cancer Control Program  and serves as the early detection and education specialist with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. She has worked to develop and implement education and early detection programs and events, such as cancer-specific presentations and community-based cancer screenings to reduce the incidence and mortality rates of cancer, managed grant funding for an 18-parish service area, and coordinated Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs assuring Louisiana State Medical Society CME essential standards are maintained.

Gay graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a degree in human relations. She believes that collaborative partnerships establish common goals and is grateful she can use her knowledge and experience in a community she has always called home. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband, Brandon, and their daughter, Avery.

Cheryl Klein | Co-chair

Cheryl Klein has worked for ten years as the Regional Manager for The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living. During that time, she chaired the Regional Coalition for Tobacco and Cancer Control and the tobacco subcommittee for the coalition and now brings that substantial substance abuse prevention experience to her position as the Louisiana Healthy Communities Coalition Co-chair. She is a graduate of the St. Tammany Leadership program and is an active member of the St. Tammany Commission on Families, the Tangipahoa Social Services Coalition, the Washington Parish Human Services Commission and the St. Helena Human Services Coalition, as well as many other professional organizations in the region.

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